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Posted by Thomas Miller, CCIM

miller-industrial-properties-tenant-riskTom Miller, the president of Miller Industrial Properties, drove a race car with a professional team for years. It was during those years that a famous race car driver was quoted as saying, “There is no accident you are involved in that is not your fault.” It took Tom some time to understand the truth in that statement – that any accident in which you are part really is your fault simply because it can be attributed to something you didn’t see coming or a position you put yourself in that left you vulnerable to someone else’s mistakes or poor judgment. The same concept applies to industrial real estate. Here’s why.

Your Role

When you hire a broker to represent your interests, it’s his or her job to protect you from any issues that could pose a threat to you or your transaction. Anything less than that can only be considered a failure. Your role in this, therefore, is choosing the right agent. This is something that should be taken seriously, starting with trusted recommendations and interviews. Once your decision is made, here’s what to expect – and what not to expect – from your industrial real estate agent.

Expectations for your Industrial Real Estate Agent

The duties of your chosen industrial real estate agent are many, but they can be summarized as follows:

  • Aggressively represent your interests
  • Offer valuable, meaningful advice
  • Raise awareness about potential situations or problems well in advance
  • Guide and streamline the transaction

The only thing you should not expect? A learning curve. It may sound harsh, but it is not your responsibility to educate an agent when it comes at the expense of your deal. Remember this – above all, it’s your agent’s job to provide solutions that suit both your budget and your timeline. And you can make this more likely by choosing an agent who has experience in your particular kind of transaction and the industry knowledge to successfully guide every phase of your deal. If something comes up unexpectedly, consider it a warning sign. The right agent would have seen it coming and begun preparations for dealing with it.

If you’re searching for an agent in northern Nevada, contact Miller Industrial Properties today.

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Thomas Miller, CCIM

Thomas Miller, CCIM is the president and broker of Miller Industrial Properties in Reno, Nevada. He has worked in industrial real estate since 1991, with 15 years of previous experience designing and building industrial warehousing and manufacturing facilities in the northern Nevada market. Contact Tom at tom@mipnv.com or 775-742-9891.

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