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Posted by Thomas Miller, CCIM

If you’re considering leasing, selling, or otherwise investing in the industrial real estate market of Reno and Sparks here in northern Nevada, accurate data is critical. And the truth is, not all data is the same. Here’s where to find the kind of industrial market reports for Reno and Sparks that will actually serve you.

The Right Information

As the longest-running boutique industrial real estate agency in Reno, Miller Industrial Properties has been gathering data for decades. We use it to maintain our extensive in-house database, which monitors and tracks local industrial properties. It’s the kind of information that keeps us closely tuned in to the market, and it directly benefits out clients.

Market data for the commercial and industrial real estate markets includes a broad, varied mix of information. There are foundational statistics, which include market and submarket size, vacancy and absorption rates, and similar details. There are also transactional records with numbers for lease and sales data. Finally, there are interpretation numbers, which involve the interpretation, trending, and forecasting of data.

Of all the market data you can access, scrubbed data is the most useful. This kind of information has been filtered for data that will produce false statistics, which could include details like investment sales or ownership entity name changes that are tracked as sales, or issues like duplicated or missing records. It’s this kind of information that can make public data so questionable. While you may be able to access tons of data just by looking online or with a quick phone call, don’t assume it’s accurate or even useful.

The Right Access

Miller Industrial Properties makes available free quarterly market reports – our Market Advisor – that offer accurate, relevant information for previous quarters. You can download free copies of these reports for an understanding of how the market has fared here in Reno and Sparks quarterly since 2013, or earlier if you contact us directly. For information that is current and specific to your search – the kind of information that puts you in the best positioning for making the right decisions about your purchase or sale – we encourage you to contact us. Maintaining this high level of accurate information puts Miller Industrial at a big advantage, and it will benefit you as well. All you have to do is call.

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Thomas Miller, CCIM

Thomas Miller, CCIM is the president and broker of Miller Industrial Properties in Reno, Nevada. He has worked in industrial real estate since 1991, with 15 years of previous experience designing and building industrial warehousing and manufacturing facilities in the northern Nevada market. Contact Tom at or 775-742-9891.

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