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Posted by Thomas Miller, CCIM

“From Negatives come Positives”

 – Phil Mahoney


I must admit that I put off writing “The Cornerstone” this month in hopes that there would be something exciting as a result of our elections, the markets or my short trip out of the country. Nothing was clicking – Nada.  I then received a Thanksgiving e-mail that was very thought provoking and I have decided to share the concept of it with you:  Be thankful for something that would otherwise be perceived as a negative by pointing out a positive correlation.  So here’s my list:


1) I’m thankful for taxes….. because that means I own my home, my business is paying me and I have police and fire protection, and roads to drive on.


2) I’m thankful for my competitors….. because that means I am always trying to improve my products and processes to stay ahead.


3) I’m thankful for smart, demanding clients….. because they bring out the best we have to give.


4) I’m thankful for our political process….. because it makes us choose who will represent us, not who will be forced upon us.


5) I’m thankful for the challenging economy and stock/bond/real estate markets….. because they help focus on what’s really important – our families and our friends.


6) I’m thankful for the mortgage crisis….. because it helps me realize the need for my clients and my family to be educated when making financial decisions.


7) I’m thankful for the cold weather we currently have….. because it will make the nice hot summers we have that much more welcome.


Lastly, I am thankful that my colleagues and I at Legacy Wealth Planning have an opportunity to wish everyone a truly happy Thanksgiving and safe travels through the holidays, and as always, we thank you very much for your business.



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